donderdag 16 mei 2013

Playing with pattern Kuke

Diva's Challenge this week is to use a tangle of Katy Abbot, CZT, it's called Kuke and you can find the how-to here. This is what I made this morning. Got to play more with this one, I like it alot :-) 

Made this one with my childrens class, yesterday afternoon: Kuke in bark-painting style.


woensdag 15 mei 2013

Moederdag 2013

Dit wilde ik mijn blogbezoek(st)ers niet onthouden: een versierd/gekleurd hartvormig doosje, voor moeder!
Ik hoop dat de moeders er blij mee waren.

donderdag 9 mei 2013

Mojo's 1,2,3 from

I had some Mojo's to catch up with, so hereby the missing Mojo's. Patterns I've used have been written down near the drawing.
De gebruikte patronen zijn erbij geschreven. De how-to's zijn allemaal te vinden op Ik had nog wat Mojo's in te halen, hieronder de eerste drie:

Ik maak de Mojo's per vier stuks op een A3 vel van mijn nieuwe tekenboek.
I draw the Mojo's (4 pieces) on one page from my A3 sketchbook. Got some space left on this page, so I will probably make another one :-) The how-to's from the patterns I've use can be found at

woensdag 8 mei 2013

Mojo's at

A member at Lineweaving (Janelle) challenges other members to use every week 4 tanglepatterns she has chosen in one drawing. This week, week 4, I joined:

Patterns Screen, Crosver, Warts & Wobbles, Cherry & Leaf

dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Diva's challenge 117

Have not been drawing for a while. Been busy with non-smoking, stopped April 1st, and doing great if I may say so for myself.
Had sad news of my sister in law passed away after being sick and in/out hospitals for the last 3 months.
Got tickled to set myself in the sun today and get my sketchbook on my knee and tangle.
Laura's Diva Challenges is a very good start te get me tangling again. Thanks Laura!

Today the challenge is to use Aroz-tangle/Schway-tangle. Been playing a bit with the colors in Picasa.

and a second one, in KOI colors this time: