vrijdag 30 mei 2014

How to draw tanglepattern Flower Vine

Leida's request fullfilled :-)

How to draw tanglepattern Juke

Jackie's request is fullfilled :-)
You want a video too of the pattern you've  got troubles with? 
Mail me: eaj_wolters@hotmail.com

donderdag 29 mei 2014

Circles are my string...

Diva's challenge this week is to use circles as a string. I 've ripped a circle out of a piece of wrapping paper, paste it down, drew some extra circles and started to tangle...
Did the shading with a brown and white colorpencil and regular grey pencil.
And I used a white
gelly pen.

zondag 25 mei 2014

Diva's Challenge #168

This week we can play with pattern Rain and use variations or tangleations of this pattern.

My result:

vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Diva's Challenge #167

This weeks challenge is to use the TWO tangles Punzel and Well. This is what I created :-)

vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Diva's Challenge #166

A bit late, but still...
My contribution to Diva's Challenge this week: U(se) M(y) (T)angle. 
This UMT is designed by the Diva herself. She hasn't have given this pattern a name yet... Any suggestions for the Diva?