dinsdag 20 mei 2014

How to draw tanglepattern Braze

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  1. Ellen - I have decided that, somehow, I am going to make a ZIA using all the patterns you have made videos for. I will make it on sheets of 9"x12" paper so that I can keep adding to the "tiles" as you make more videos. I think I will make a template of shapes to use as the strings - probably a fairly simple geometric design so I will have enough space for each patterns - as you can see, the idea is just beginning to come to life over my cup of coffee this morning and while I was watching 2 of your videos. Once it is finished, perhaps I'll have worked out how to post a picture of it. Thank you for your videos - it really helps me to see some of the patterns being made, especially the ones with the 3-D effects - I have a very hard time working out how to do them without seeing someone work through them.
    I am very excited because I am going to CZT training in October. May be I will have this project completed with all your video patterns to date - It will never be really finished till you stop posting patterns!
    Thank you for sharing your skills with us - I am so grateful for you and the other creative people who share so freely and help open up a world that was hidden inside people like me - it is like having someone guide you into a deep, dark cave, leading with a little light that gets brighter and brighter, revealing hidden drawings, beautiful things you didn't know existed - you guide us and show us what is hidden inside. It is truly an adventure filled with wonder and awe, and a sense of what is possible. My words don't explain adequately my gratitude and my sense of wonder at what I have discovered about myself - but you are very much part of this journey I am taking; although I am 62, I feel a excitement of a young person seeing a future filled with discovery and excitement.