donderdag 4 oktober 2012


.    The list of those who will participate in the raffe I will do tonight. So come back tonight please, cause first I want to celebrate my birthday :-) Thanks for all the congratulations. And, please number 22 Anoniem, who are you just in case you might be THE ONE, please mail me at: Some visitors are more than ones in the list, that because they posted more than ones a comment. So be back  tonight and maybe it's your number that comes out of the raffle.

    The little price I have is:

    20 coloured envelopes
      8 metallic cards with envelopes
    Edding 89 office liner
    Sakura Glase pen

1.    Gea
2.    Gea
3.    Sue Jacobs, CZT
4.    Alice
5.    Helena
6.    Alice
7.    LaBlady2007
8.    Brandon
9.    Gemixtes
10.          Jeannine
11.          Anne’s Tangle Blog
12.          Jeannine
13.          Alice
14.          Helena
15.          Anne’s Tangle Blog
16.          Peppamlowe
17.          Magda_Aurora
18.          Helen
19.          Susan
20.          Katydidsworld
21.          ArjadL
22.          Anoniem
23.          Mariet
24.          Ledenzer


3 opmerkingen:

  1. I was waiting for the day ,so - Happy birthday to you and have fun tonight .I just realized you are a Libra too :))

  2. Hope your birthday celebration is magical!

  3. Your birthday celebration was magical for me! Thank you so much. I can't remember when I last won anything.