dinsdag 20 november 2012

Zinger joins Bunzo

Diva's challenge for this week is to use the reborn pattern Zinger from Maria and Robert from Zentangle.com.

I found it hard to use Zinger alone, so thought it would be nice with Bunzo and some circles. What do you think?

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    1. My daughter had signed on and so the comment is really from ledenzer.

  2. Hallo Ellen, Ja terug van heel ver weg geweest.
    Een once in a lifetime vakantie waar we 12 jaar op hadden gewacht.
    Was echt geweldig!

    Zinger doe het goed in gezelschap van Bunzo... heel vrolijk!

  3. Prachtige uitvoering van deze 2 tangles. Een mooi geheel is het geworden.

  4. Lovely! What a great idea, combining the two :)

  5. I love the bold use of pattern here. Love the combination. Very lovely work.

  6. Your designs are so intricate and beautiful! I love seeing the pictures of the cats done by the children, too.

  7. your tile is ever so lovely and thanks for showing how to design a mendala - some time ago I came across a site which showed how you can make any shapes into a mandala (they used animal shapes) and I could never find it again - this will help :)

  8. The tile is lovely. And like Lila, I would like to thank you for demonstrating the mandala. I also think it's wonderful to work with children. You get really great feedback from them!