vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Colored ABC

Pixiey, whom I've met on Lineweaving.com, started a challenge over there:

Tangle the Alphabet. Not specifically starting with the letter A, you can choose yourself which one to start with.
I start with P (from Pixiey) and used her tangle: Gumball Plant.

Since I am already working on a tangled ABC in black and white, and already had the idea to make another alphabet in color, I choose to join this challenge and make my alphabet the size of an ATC-card. I will post the letters also on my page: Tangled ABC, joining the black and white version.

Come join the Alphabet Tangle fun at Lineweaving.com!

1 opmerking:

  1. This is truly beautiful! I think I must have gotten the idea partly from looking at all your letters these past months, and then when I saw my friend doing the reading challenge, I had to start my own! I cannot wait to see more and more!!

    You always inspire me!!