zondag 15 september 2013

How to draw tanglepattern Diva Dance (Foxtrot, Walz, Rock 'n Roll)

Jakki Garlans mailed me and asked for Diva Dance...
Diva Dance is created by Maria Thomas, founder of Zentangle.
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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ellen, thank you so much for this video! You have a real knack of being able to show me the basic simplicity in a pattern that seems so complicated. By the way, what width pen do you use? I usually use the .01 Micron, but I am thinking you are using a .05 or .08 nib. I usually ignore those pens, except for filling in large spaces, but I think they could give my drawings a completely different feel. My handwriting has always been cramped and small, so I've naturally gravitated to the .01 and .005 for my pens of choice for tangles; as a result my tangle patterns are tight and small on the page - not so bad when I use a tile, but if I use a 4x6" sheet - they seem to be dense black!! Nothing bad about that - but I wonder how different they would be if I used the thicker pen.

    I have been thinking that, perhaps, my inability to see the basic forms of some of these patterns comes from never having taken an art class - therefore my eye is not trained to see. I've also realized that I have no idea how to "draw from my wrist" as Helen at alittlelime suggested when I asked her how she made those wonderful flowing curved lines in her tangles and ZIAs.

    I am not sure how I would go about learning these basic skills that are part of a "trained" or "natural" artist's repertoire. However, your videos, with their clear and repeated movements are extremely helpful.

    Thanks again, dear Ellen, you are so kind to help us become more successful! My sense of accomplishment, when I realize I CAN do the patterns I thought were beyond me, makes me glow inside!! You have a real gift and a kindness of heart to share that gift.

    Hugs to my far-away friend


  2. I just want to let you know that my writing has never been "leg cramped"! It has just been "cramped"! Nor do I know why Google translate has thrown in a couple of "thesis" into my comment or why random capital (upper case) letters have suddenly appeared in the text! I know German uses capitals in sentences in a completely different way than English - perhaps Dutch does too! Also the random combination of words, "beingable" "withtheir" is quite puzzling!

    I wonder what they will do to this little message - I have just found out, by accident, that if I hover my mouse over the message it will show the original that I wrote - it's nice to know that if I make no sense to you as you read the published comment, at least you can read the original and, I hope, make sense of it!

    Another thing that is not clear to me is why my comment is not translated into Dutch, rather than apparently being translated to Dutch and back again to English - very puzzling!

    Better have my cup of coffee before my brain starts a slow burn! I am so grateful to you Ellen, I just can't thank you enough for what you do!

    Hugs, Jakki

  3. The sentence about translation should have had the words Dutch, Dutch, English rather than English, English, English!!!!