dinsdag 15 april 2014

Rixty playtime!

Diva's challenge this week is to play with the new tanglepattern from Rick and Maria: Rixty.
They also asked us to figure out the how-to steps in the past weeks. I made a video of this pattern to show you how I draw this pattern. You can watch it HERE

This is what I drew for Diva's Challenge:

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! Your Rixty is fabulous! Thank you for the video on how to draw this pattern. It really helped!

    Happy tangling,

    Jacque Solomon

  2. Mooie Rixties Kwallen Ellen. En het gebruik van rixties in de tekst vind ik erg leuk gevonden.

    1. haha, inderdaad, net kwallen :-) Vind ik leuk :-)

  3. Your Rixty´s are absolutely wonderful!

  4. I like your spokes of Rixty, Ellen. On the whole it reminds me of a spider! I love the shading, it brings it alive.

  5. I forgot-I loved the demo and the music, too. So, you can't carefully erase the lines that were drawn with pencil before you put in your shading?

  6. So like a dream catcher or mandala ... Very nice!

  7. oooh wauw! ik zie nu ook wat schaduw kan doen...ik vergeet dat nog wel eens