dinsdag 25 september 2012


Got this lovely journal from my son Luuk (11) as a gift. 
Isn't that sweet of him?
Now I have seen lots of Alphabets on the internet and wanted to do that project too. 
So that's what I am filling this beautiful journal with: 
the alphabet and sharing it with my visitors.

I will mention the patterns I've used in the letters 
and label them.

Used tanglepatterns:

* Crescent Moon
* Jalousie
* Stacked
* Ennies
* Lillypads
* Puff
* Emingle
* W2


Used tanglepatterns:
* Gingham
* Versa
* Nzeppel
* Diamonds & Squares
* Bales
* Betweet

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Getting a new journal is always wonderful but when your son knows exactly what to get you that will make you happy, well, that is just perfect!

  2. I love your work, Ellen, but the letters are just SUPER, and very inspiring. I've been interested in Mandalas for years and with the inspiration and encouragement I feel from your blog, I think I'm about to take the plunge in a new way! Thank you!!!