zondag 4 augustus 2013

How to draw tanglepattern Featherfall

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  1. Oh Ellen! Thank you - I keep saying that but I mean it every time! You made Featherfall so understandable and the way you did the auras showed me how to make the shape of the feather sections!
    I have been caring for my daughter for the last year through various illnesses including cancer, I am very tired and am going away for a little while - I plan to watch your videos and practice the tangles I've had trouble with - it will be so relaxing and rewarding! I am so looking forward to it. It will be so good to have "life" in those tangles - I just know my skills will take a huge step forward because of your videos!
    Many, many deep, heartfelt thanks! You are a treasure!
    Hugs - Jakki

  2. OH dearest friend, you are sooooo welcome. Take good care of yourself. Sad to read about the illness of your daughter. Wishing you two lots and lots of strength. Got you another how-to-vid, this time of Squid. Success with practicing this tangle. With love, Ellen

  3. Awesome job and easy ;)
    Big big thank you