donderdag 29 augustus 2013

How to draw tanglepattern Swarm

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  1. Ellen - thank you, as always!
    I continue to find your videos inspiring and very helpful. I used your video of Etcher to guide me through the use of that pattern on a 9x12 ZIA I am attempting - and I was very pleased with the results! I just hope my computer holds up as I am not sure I could repeat the adventure without my guide!!
    I'm still practicing, practicing, practicing Featherfall - still haven't reached a level of skill that would allow me to put it in a ZIA or on a tile - but it's getting there!
    Swarm is one of those patterns that is deceivingly simple - but you have to know the secret to get it just right - thanks for revealing the secret - now, practice, practice, practice!
    Hugs - Jakki

  2. I agree with Jakki, looks can be deceiving. Thank you for all your wonderful video's.

  3. I've been working on this pattern - I did some triangles with a .08 micron and some with a .01. It makes a huge amount of difference in the way the tangle looks - probably should have come to that startling conclusion way before now! That's what comes of being a non-artist (or so I tell myself!) But seriously, it has made me wonder about other patterns, especially deceptively simple ones - how different does using thicker and thinner microns make the pattern seem. Something new to explore! Thanks Ellen!